Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”) is central to the delivery of our regulatory principles and is used to ensure that an efficient and effective market place help consumers secure a fair deal. Intertrader Ltd have adopted this ideal as a course of Best Practice, and in an effort to deliver the Highest Levels of business continuity.

The Intertrader Ltd TCF Strategy is focused around the six mandated client outcomes which all registered firms must comply with. The strategy below has been implemented / embedded into Intertrader Ltd’s business culture and processes so that we can physically evidence that our clients can:

Expect Intertrader Ltd to treat them fairly;

Expect Intertrader Ltd to ensure that TCF is central to its corporate culture;

Expect to receive clear and precise documentation and information from Intertrader Ltd;

Expect to receive a fair and professional service from Intertrader Ltd; and

Expect prompt and fair treatment from Intertrader Ltd in respect of complaints/queries.

We will review our TCF policy on a continual rolling basis so that we always observe these directives.

Intertrader Ltd believe that the dynamics of TCF are best initiated at point of client contact and so our Customer Service Desk has been empowered as the Bastion for TCF interaction and implementation with the rest of the company geared to TCF follow up. Processes have been employed to capture the widest possible range of Management information on TCF relevant issues which are then collated by the relevant business head. This information is then reviewed to identify client trends and solutions which will lead to an increase in the overall customer experience. Intertrader Limited are committed to providing the best trading experience possible to our clients and welcome any comments you may have to help us deliver this.

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